All About Me!

Well to start off my name is Sierra Fleharty, I am currently a student at Sterling High School. I am a well behaved student and I have a GPA of about 3.8. I have lived in Sterling for 15 years with my family. I have 1 brother named Tyler who is 12, and a half sister named Alexis who is 17. My Parents are Mike and Marissa they are 32 years old. We have many other family members that branch off that mean everything to me. My sister and I currently play volleyball together and we are both liberos or defensive specialists. My brother is a very good kid and he loves to work. My parents both keep busy by working everyday for our family. We live out in the country so we are animal and four wheeler type of people. We have two donkeys and one horse, we used to show goats for 4H! We strongly dislike cats but we love dogs. We have three dogs named Ruger, Cozmo, and Remie. We love to ride four-wheelers and dirt bikes so we always end up taking a vacation up to the sand dunes.


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