My Favorite Vacation!

I have been on a variety of different vacations, I enjoyed each and every place I went to! My favorite place would have to be Lake Havasu Arizona! The drive was about 16 hours but it was well worth it. We got to take our boat out on a huge lake and we got to see the boat races. Our hotel was huge, and had a swimming pool connected to it. It was a very expensive place to go but it was my favorite! Not to mention I got to meet my old friend that moved up there and got to meet some new friends. Word of advice if you don’t like the weather above 105 degrees don’t go to Lake Havasu! When we were their we were in 115 degrees weather if not hotter! They had mini stores along the lake and they are very cool to check out. They also have rental jet skis and party boats! The best time to go is during SPRING BREAK, EVERYONE is there and it is awesome to see how many boats can fit in a straight line across the beach. I love Lake Havasu Arizona and I really want to go back!


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